Compensatory appointment for employees who expire during service getting salary on work Charge/contingency grant 27/12/2016
RFP_empanellement_PWD 15/11/2016
Issue of Permission letter for the use of Black Matel & Muram and payment to Royalti 28/10/2016
Detailed Inspection of Bridges in MP 26/08/2016
Transfer Policy 04/08/2016
System regarding clarification of Central Tender Invitation 14/07/2016
Permission for hiring vehicles for inspection of Construction works 21/06/2016
Performance Guarentee period in Const. works 27/05/2016
Regarding Performance Guarentee 05/05/2016
Land in Gwalior to be surrendred to Revenue Deptt. 29/04/2016
Appointment of Capable Officer/committee for clarification in tender related problems in NH 29/04/2016
Use of manufactured Saand in Concreet work 29/04/2016
Total Stamp Duty Paied on Work Contract Documents 02/04/2016
Reg. RFevised Estimates of Buildings to be sent Immedeatly 21/03/2016
PWD tenders under the instrument issued by ICICI bank were not valid in the future 08/03/2016
Guidlines for including Electric Pole Shifting & cutting of trees in estimates 27/02/2016
Guidlines for clause 24 in new Tender Forms 18/02/2016
Regarding Govt. Quarters 14/02/2016
Direction regarding new tender form clause no 27.4 11/02/2016
Reg. New tender Forms Appendix 2.10 Annexure -B 05/02/2016
Assurance of Qwality of PWD Works 05/02/2016
Improvement in Supervision Qwality Control (SQC) working 02/02/2016
Working Procedure of improvment for consultant supervision & quality control 01/02/2016
Ban on Purchases 12/01/2016
Instruments to be kept with while inspecting works 08/01/2016
Standard Drawing/information for toilets 01/12/2015
Standard Drawing/information for khurra 01/12/2015
Regarding Property Returns 15/10/2015
Regular Inspection of Bridges 13/10/2015
Regarding Newly constituted District Agar Malwa 12/10/2015
Supervisory fees for Inter Department Work 03/10/2015
Tender Invited for MDR 21/09/2015
Complaints regarding Tender Cases 21/09/2015
To keep the Site Order book,Check List,Test Result at the construction Site 25/08/2015
Ambiguity in the J.V. Clause of Tender Document 20/05/2015
New Guidlines for Contractors Demotion/Cancellation/Suspension/Black Listing 24/03/2015