Serial Number Subject Date
1 401/G/M.Rol/191/2010/5113
2 404/G/050/Purchase/09/3311
3 Total work done by contractors in MP
4 Monthly Returns by Contractors
5 Regarding Revised technical sanction
6 Decision taken on clause 14 of agreement
7 Release of Technical Sanctions for the work done by the Department
8 Regarding Re invite of Single Tender
9 Regarding special conditions for Tender invitation information
10 Regarding non selection for Technical bid
11 Regarding work done
12 1406/19/P/2011
13 New Registration Guidlines
14 Road Furniture and Tender Invitation
15 Financial control over Purchase of different items in P.W.D.
16 Regarding Revised technical Sanction
17 Additional Special Conditions-Building Works
18 Circular regarding Computer/Telephone
19 Traffic facility during Road widening/upgrading/renewal work
20 All Tenders by e-Tendering
21 Departmental exam form for AE
22 Precautions to be used for Digital Signature
23 F 1-1/2012/56 Reg. Information Technology
24 Govt. Orders for Cancelation/Suspension/Blacklisting of contractors
25 Details of Check List for tenders
26 401/G//231/2012 Tenders
27 C-S.F.M.S. Online Bill submission with Excel file upload facility
28 Checklist for Tenders
29 Recovery from Contractor at his risk & cost
30 Precautions taken during repair of old buildings of MP
31 Revised testing charges for Research Laboratories
32 Revised Tender publishing Rates
33 Mukhya Mantri Yuwa Contractor Yojna
34 Mukhya Mantri Yuwa Contractor Yojna Prakoshth
35 Power given to Zonal Chief Engineers
36 Maintenance of repair works in populated area
37 Use of 1983 Appendix 2.13 on Tender form ‘A’ and Appendix 2.14 on tender Form ‘B’
38 Quality of works in PWD
39 Facility for Budget Allotment to Divisions under Non-Plan
40 Starting Pension system for Daily wage workers
41 State property situated outside of MP
42 Issue of Budget for Building Maintenance, Repair, Special repair
43 Allotment distribution Division wise for 2014-15
44 Orders of PIU
45 Court Case No. 4050/2009 By Ashish choure
46 Document for Empanelment INVITATION NOTICE {For Empanelment of Architects/Consultants/Structural Engineers/ Structural Engineers (Proof Checking)}
47 Document for Procurement of Architectural Services
48 Details of MP Govt. Assets out side of Madhya Pradesh
49 Improvement in Maintenance of Building works
50 Detail Instructions on usage of Social Media in Govt. Departments and Offices
51 Court Direction on Defamation cases
52 Permission to rent a vehicle for Inspection of Construction works
53 Instructions for Destroying old official records and clear office premises.
54 Exemption from e-Tendering for High Court Buildings Maintenance
55 M.P. Govt. Orders for Mukhyamantri Yuva Contractor
56 Limitation of Boundaries of Roads and updating of Revenue Records of PWD
57 Reg. Directions to be followed for Construction of temporary Helipad
58 R-786/B/19/2013/884 Office Expenditure-051
59 Material Testing Laboratory at Division Level
60 Modification in Rent of Rest Houses & Circuit Houses
61 e-Billing for Contrators
62 Confirmation of Land Availability before inviting Tenders
63 Copy of Agreement to be made available to Contractors
64 Isuue of Tenders for same groups of Projects
65 Tender Publishing in Daily News Papers
66 Cancellation of conditions in Appendix 2.10(Anexure -B)
67 CMYECS Training for next Batch
68 Joint meeting of Officers & Contractors
69 Use of Soil in Road Construction
70 Refund of Earnest Money
71 Selection of Officers for qality monitors
72 Traning Cicular-Training Provided from different institutions
73 Modification of Financial limits in inviting tender
74 Special Conditions for Building work in PIU
75 Isuue of completion Certificate for Physical an Fianancial works in Time limit
76 Use of Subgrade Soil
77 Use of Fly ash in construction work
78 Directions for use of Soil in Const. of Roads
79 Toor Diary of CE\SE\EE and PIU Officials
80 Starting of e-Auction in place of Mannual Auction
81 Approval of Complementary list for Revised Administrative Approval
82 Cancellation orders
83 Construction of Building foundation & Structure according to G+5
84 Enforcement of the structure for Temporary posts in Public Works Department
85 Mukhyamantri Yuwa Swarojgar Yojna
86 Demarkashan of old roads in existing National Highways
87 Rationalization of Pre Qualification in Tenders
88 Plantation of Trees on both side of Roads
89 Training in Different Institutions
90 MDR Sandharan
91 Quality Monitoring in construction of Rigid Pavements on Concreat Road
92 Directions for Drainage Layer and Hard Shoulders
93 Construction of Concreate Pavement
94 Circular on Registration
95 Training for Site Engineers by field staff of the Department and Contractors
96 CE,SE,EE and PIU Officials tour diary
97 Works Regarding Crusher run Macadum(C.R.M) base sub/sub base
98 Procurement of Goods
99 Directions for Drainage Layer and Hard Shoulders(by Govt.)
100 Upgradation of MDR
101 Period for Performence Guarentee for Road Const. works in P.W.D.
102 Metal /Plastic Speed Breaker not in use
103 Construction of bridges in MP
104 Regarding completion of Road Work
105 Monthly Returns by Contractors after action taken on risk &cost of the contractor