DateOrder NoSubjects
10/05/2018 401/सा/विविध/113/परिपत्र/2015/505 विधुत/यांत्रिकी से संबंधित कार्यो में बिड मूल्‍यांकन की शर्त रखे जाने बाबत
01/06/2017 3031/2017/19/यो भोपाल दिनांक 01/06/2017 लेवल क्रासिंग बंद करने हेतु अनापत्ति प्रमाण पत्र
08/10/2013 617/ maintenance norms/ Bhawan Bhopal 8/10/2013 सडको पर नवीनीकरण कार्यो के अनुपूरक कार्यो की माप चेंकिंग।
DateOrder NoSubjects
01/02/2018 304/036/P-3/2017/188 Transfer Order Grade-III
01/02/2018 304/043/2017/190 Transfer Order Of Research Assistent
DateOrder NoSubjects
05/05/2018 303/040/2016/848 Documents verifycation of selected Sub Engineers through PEB List
05/05/2018 303/040/2016/850 Documents verifycation of selected Sub Engineers through PEB List
20/04/2018 303/040/2016/795 Appointment orders of Sub Engineers(Civil) through PEB List
20/04/2018 303/040/2016/793 Appointment orders of Sub Engineers(E&M) through PEB List
11/04/2018 303/040/2016/752 Appointment of Sub Eng.
11/04/2018 303/040/2016/754 Appointment of Sub Eng (E/M )
07/03/2018 303/040/2016/575 Appointment of Sub Engineer(E&M) through PEB
07/03/2018 303/040/2016/532 Document verifycation of selected Sub Engineers through PEB List
23/01/2018 307/083/2016/157 Pran Numbers of Gnagman/Daily wage Employees
08/01/2018 304/977/2013/067 Posting of Sub Eng.
08/01/2018 301/183/2006/63 Posting Orders of Assistant Engineers
04/01/2018 303/040/2016/19 Biomatric Verification letter for PEB Selected Candidates
03/01/2018 304/035/Pt-2/2017/03/06/04 Posting Orders of Sub Engineers
28/12/2017 303/040/2016/2172 Verification of New Sub Engineers by PEB in PWD
04/12/2017 F-1-20/2017/E-19 New Appointment of Assistant Engineers
27/11/2017 304/035/Prt-4/2017/2026/2024/2028 Transfer posting Orders of Sub Engineers
13/11/2017 5794/6512/2017/19/P Arrangment of M.P. Vikas Yatra from 1 Nov. to 31 Dec.
02/11/2017 310/006/E/2017/1832 Permanent DDO Power
23/09/2017 301/037/2010/PC-1/1628 sub engg timepay scale
21/09/2017 301/037/2010/PC-1/1604 Time pay Scale for Sub Engineers
05/09/2017 304/035/Transfer/ 2017/1198/1515 Sub Engineer Transfer Orders
16/07/2017 304/035/2017/1239-40/1237-38/1241-42/1243-1244 Transfer Orders sub engg.
16/07/2017 304/036/17/1249-50/1247-48/1245-46 Transfer Orders of Class-3&Class-4
16/07/2017 F-1-12/2017/E-19 Transfer Orders of CE, SE, EE and Sub Engg.
16/07/2017 304/036/2017/1254-55 Departmental Transfer Orders cls-III
10/07/2017 304/035/Transfer/ 2017/1198/1200 Departmental Transfer ORders Sub Engg
10/07/2017 304/036/Transfer/1202/1204 Departmental Transfer Orders of Employees
10/07/2017 304/037/Transfer/2017/1206/1208 Departmental Transfer Orders class-IV
10/07/2017 30/045/wc/2017/1214-15/1216-17/1218-19 Departmental Transfer Orders
10/07/2017 304/036/E/2017/1220 Departmental Transfer Orders class-III
10/07/2017 304/035/E/2017/1222 Departmental Transfer Orders subengg
10/07/2017 F1-11/2017/E-19 Departmental Transfer Orders Officers
30/06/2017 01/E-In-C/Acad/Tr/2017-18/624 e-Governance Training Programm Modification
28/06/2017 304/002/P-3/2014/1116 Transfer Orders of gr3
07/06/2017 302/038/2016/1012 Dept.Exam Roll No.
07/06/2017 302/038/2016/1016 Exam Date Postponed
01/06/2017 304/1204/2013/970 Orders for Sub Engg.
29/05/2017 302/038/2016/952 Roll Number for Departmental Exam 2017
26/05/2017 302/038/2016/947 Orders of SE for Departmental Exam
24/05/2017 302/38/2016/932 Department Exam
12/05/2017 304/1354/2013/853 Orders of Sub Engineer
06/05/2017 302/038/2016/829 Departmental Exam 2017
28/04/2017 1707/2076/2007/E/19 Transfer order EE, SDO, Sub Engg
27/04/2017 309/069/E/2011/764 Time Pay scale for DM
27/04/2017 304/1326/2013/722 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg.-Civil
27/04/2017 304/002/P-7/2014/724 Transfer ORders of Gr-2
12/04/2017 F-8-0/2008/G/19/11042017 Temproray Post sanction and DDO Power
10/04/2017 309/008/E/2014/585 Time Pay Scale for Gr-1
07/04/2017 303/034/2008/Prt-2.1/577 Appointment on Sub Eng (E/M)
03/04/2017 F-84-1/2015-17/IBC/W-1/P.D. Indian Building Congress Meeting
23/03/2017 F-4/2014/Cont.App/E/P.D./295 Appointment on Contract Basis in PWD PIU
20/03/2017 Budget/2016-17 Main Budget for 2017-18
15/03/2017 301/546/2009/385 Posting Order of AE
10/03/2017 301/546/2009/377 Posting Orders of AE
06/03/2017 F-1-01/2017/E-19 Appointment of AE(E/M)
04/03/2017 301/037/2010/P.C.-5/368 Time Pay Scale for Sub Enggineer
03/03/2017 303/034/2008/Part-A/356 Appointment Of Sub Eng.(E/M)
23/02/2017 303/304/2008/Prt-B/304 Sub Engg E/M Appointment
23/02/2017 301/037/2010/PC-3/315 Time Pay Scale for Sub Engg
22/02/2017 309/008/E/2014/196 3rd Timepay Scale for Gr-1
21/02/2017 303/034/Part-A/274 Appointment of Sub-E&M
17/02/2017 301/037/2010/P.C.-1/259 Sub Engg. timepay Scale
31/01/2017 F-1-2/2017/E/19 List of Officers geting Retired in 2017
31/01/2017 302/011/2016/2722 Employees Retiring in 2017
28/01/2017 303/034/2008/Part-A/137 Sub eng Appointment
07/01/2017 301/043/2016/32 Orders for EE
07/01/2017 301/037/2010/PC-1/40 3rd Time Pay Scale for Sub Engg
07/01/2017 301/811/2013/42 Modification in transfer Orders of AE
07/01/2017 303/003/P-3/2014/24 peon Transfer Order
22/12/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-A/2747 Appointment of Sub E/M
21/12/2016 312/N/2012/2089 Appointment of Sub Eng (E/M)
21/12/2016 312/N/2012/2090 Cancellation Of Appointment order of Sub Eng(E/M) recruited in the year 2008
21/12/2016 312/N/2012/2092 Cancellation Of Appointment order of Sub Eng(Civil) recruited in the year 2008
21/12/2016 312/N/2012/2094 Appointment of Sub Eng(Civil)
26/11/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2/2626 Appointment of Sub Eng(E/M)
16/11/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-A/2524 Appointment of Sub Engineer (E/M)
29/10/2016 301/345/2009/2423 Reg. Departmental Exam
28/10/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-A/2452 Appointment Orders Of Sub Engg(E/M)
21/10/2016 307/044/2016/Prt Case Regularisation of Dailywages Employees
20/10/2016 304/069/2015/2332 Suspention of Gr-3
20/10/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2/2364 Completion of Probetion Period of Sub Engg.
19/10/2016 301/142/2009/2340 Transfer Orders of SE
19/10/2016 301/037/2010/PC-1,2,3/2359,2357,2355 Time Pay Scale for Sub Engg.
18/10/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-A/2342 Appointment Orders of Sub Engg (E/M)...
04/10/2016 301/046/2016/2445 Addition of R.S.Bhill SE,Capital Zone as Member in Evolution Committee
04/10/2016 Comm/Review Meeting/PWD/2016/3699 Video Conference Dt:5-11-16
24/09/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-A/2180 Appointment Orders of Sub Engg (E/M)..
12/09/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-A/2105 PEB-Selected Candidates for S/E-(E&M) -Document Verification-Last Reminder
09/09/2016 PWD/Comm/2016/3014 Agenda Video Conference 12-09-16
22/08/2016 257/Gurukrup Const. Co./PWD/2016 Gurucrupa Const. Co. Contractor PWD
17/08/2016 303/*034/2008/Prt-A PEB-Selected Candidates for S/E-(E&M) -Document Verification-Reminder
09/08/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-A/1869 Appointment Orders of Sub Engg (E/M)
01/08/2016 Bldg/Work/2016/809 Orders of Vidhansabha suvidha Samiti
29/07/2016 310/014/2014/1807 Reg. Modification in Recruitment Rule MP PWD
23/07/2016 303/034/Prt-A/1738 PEB-Selected Candidates for S/E-(E&M) -Document Verification
29/06/2016 302/038/dept.result/2016/1544 Departmental Exam Result 2016
28/06/2016 302/036/12/Sub Engg./2012 Correction in Gradation List of Sub Engg
21/06/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2.1/1453.. Appointment of Sub Engg (E/M)..
21/06/2016 302/002//Sub Engg Civil/2016, Correction in Gradation List of Sub Engg,
20/06/2016 304/157/NHAI/Prt/2013/1385 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg..
20/06/2016 302/036/07/Sub Engg civil/2012 Correction in Gradation List of Sub Engg.
15/06/2016 304/348/NHAI/Part/2013/1524 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg....
09/06/2016 302/003/sub Engg Civil/2016/1335 Correction in Gradation List of Sub Engg......
08/06/2016 302/036/17/sub Engg Civil/2012/1328 Correction in Gradation List of SubEngg
08/06/2016 302/036/19/sub Civil/2012/130/1298 Correction in Gradation List of Sub Engg1
08/06/2016 302/036/17/sub Engg Civil/2012/1323 Correction in Gradation List of Sub Engg,,
07/06/2016 301/952/2015/1276 Suspention of AE and Sub Engg
07/06/2016 301/030/2016/1288 Training of SAS Officers
30/05/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2.1/1201 .Appointment of Sub Engg (E/M)
30/05/2016 301/159/2009/1223 Transfer Orders of SE.
30/05/2016 309/070/E/2011/1225-1226 3rd Time pay scale for Personal Assistants
30/05/2016 304/185/Merg/2009/1207 Merger of Sub Engg. on deputation to RDC
30/05/2016 303/304/2008/Prt-2.1/1201 ..Appointment of Sub Engg (E/M)
27/05/2016 1130/Sampada/16 Starting of web based software developed by Sampada Sanchalanalay
24/05/2016 304/049/2014/1126/1126 .Transfer Orders of Gr-2
17/05/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2.1 Modificationin Recruitment Rules of Sub Engg(E/M)
16/05/2016 303/049/2014/1016 Reg. Probationary Period complition
16/05/2016 301/581/2010/981 Reinstation of Sub Engg. & Time keeper
16/05/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2.1/1031 Appointment of Sub Engg (E/M)
13/05/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2.1/1031 Appointment of Sub Engg (E/M)
07/05/2016 301/759/2012/929 Transfer Orders of AE
04/05/2016 F 17-1/19/B/2010/392 Orders for Registration of Contractors
01/05/2016 303/034/2008/PRT-2/1135 Appointment of Sub Engg (E/M).
28/04/2016 F-1-53/2015Posting/ E-1/PD/489 interviews for I/c EE in PIU
12/04/2016 E/301/026/2013/PC/731 Posting Orders of SE
06/04/2016 41/E/Ujjain/2015-16 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg.
30/03/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2/659 Issue of certificate for Sub Engg for completing Probetionary Period
22/03/2016 304/006/2016/452 Transfer Orders of Gr-2
22/03/2016 304/475/2013/620/559 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg.
21/03/2016 301/004/2014/PC/551 Transfer Orders of AE
21/03/2016 1168/1167/2016/E-19 Transfer Orders of AE
21/03/2016 F-1-4/2015/E-14/PD Appointment on Contract basis in PIU
18/03/2016 F-23-09/2015/G/19 Recovery of Road Tax on Bridges
16/03/2016 301/732/2012/487 Transfer Orders of AE
16/03/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2/485 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg.
16/03/2016 F 17-1/19/B/2010 Orders for Registration(ICICI instrument Banned)
16/03/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2/461 Reg. appointment on the Post of Sub Eng E&M in PWD
08/03/2016 303/034/2008/Part-2/464 Medical Board Examin
05/03/2016 304/673/Restate/2013/454 Suspension to Reverse
27/02/2016 852/688/2016/E-19 Transfer Orders of EE
27/02/2016 F 1-17/2014/E-19 Transfer Orders of AE
27/02/2016 852/688/2016/E-19 Transfer Orders of EE
27/02/2016 F 1-17/2014/E-19 Transfer Orders of AE
26/02/2016 304/700/2013/381 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg.
26/02/2016 304/700/2013/381 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg.
24/02/2016 853/688/2016/E-19 Transfer Orders of SDO
24/02/2016 853/688/2016/E-19 Transfer Orders of SDO
19/02/2016 301/026/2013/329 Vidhansabha Order
19/02/2016 6 301/026/2013/329 Vidhansabha Order
16/02/2016 301/026/2013/300 Temp arrengment of CE(P)
16/02/2016 301/585/2010/298 Transfer Orders of AE
08/02/2016 303/034/2008/Prt2/ Witing list of Sub Eng. (E/M) for document verificationnew
19/01/2016 303/049/2014/203 Probationary period of Steno Typists
19/01/2016 304/781/2013/123 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg.
19/01/2016 301/004/2014/PC/121 Transfer Orders of AE
19/01/2016 304/069/2015/133 Transfer Orders of Gr-3
15/01/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2/94 Final Intimation for Sub Eng (E/M) Shri Danish Ahmad Khan
15/01/2016 301/004/2014/PC/113 Transfer orders of Sub Engineer
14/01/2016 304/494/2013/90 Transfer Orders of Sub Engg (PIU)
14/01/2016 F-1-53/2015/Posting/E/PD Call application for AE for PIU
14/01/2016 303/084/2008/Prt-2/12 Appointment of Sub Eng. (E/M)
14/01/2016 303/034/2008/Prt-2.1/60 Appointment of Sub Eng. (E/M)
14/01/2016 303/304/2008/Prt-2.1/96 Final Intimation for Sub Eng (E/M)