ROAD & BRIDGE SOR W.E.F. August 29, 2017(New)
Reg. SOR 6-6-16 (CHEDULE OF RATES For ROAD & BRIDGE WORKS W.E.F. 06-06-2016)
BUILDING SOR W.E.F. 01-08-2014
ROAD & BRIDGE SOR W.E.F. November 3rd 2014
DateOrder NoSubjects
21/08/2018 SOR/Road/Comm./2016/2918 SOR Clarification w.e.f 29-08-2017
01/08/2018 SOR/Road/Comm./2016/2660 Ammendment to SOR Road & Bridges-2018
16/07/2018 F-1-12/2017/Electrical SOR/Work/PD/91 Chapter-44 Lift/ELEVATORS
16/07/2018 F-1-12/2018/Electrical SOR/Work/PD/90 Chapter-46 Air Conditioner
06/06/2018 F-64-10/2018/Common SOR/Building/W-1/PD/497 Chapter No-17, Sanitaroy installation
05/06/2018 F-64-10/2018/Common SOR/Building/W-1/PD/493 Approved Material LIst (Civil)
13/04/2018 F 64-10/2017-18/Approved material/sor/W-1/PD/373 Approved Material List (Civil)
14/03/2018 SOR/Road/comm/2016/817 SOR Ammendment 3 w.e.f. 29-08-17
16/10/2017 SOR/Road/Comm/2016/4414 Errata/Ammendment/Addendum No 2/Road and Bridge SOR(w.e.f. 29-08-2017)
10/10/2017 SOR/Road/comm/2016/4319 Errata/Ammendment/Addendum No 1/Road and Bridge SOR(w.e.f. 29-08-2017)
28/03/2017 F-64-10/2016/Common Sor/Building/W/PD/66 Sor Ammendment No-22 PIU
28/01/2017 F-64-10/2016/Common SOR/Building/W-1/PD/34 Building ammended-21
27/08/2016 64-10/2015-16/Approved Material/SOR/Work-1/PD/2803 List of Approved Meterial (Electrical)
17/08/2016 SOR/Road/Comm./2016/2689 SOR Road/Bridge Ammendment-2
20/07/2016 F-64-10/2016/SOR Bldg / W/PD /2318 Amendment no 19(Flooring) to SOR Building
12/07/2016 F-64-10/2016/SOR Bldg / W/PD /2169 Amendment no 18(Flooring) to SOR Building
15/06/2016 .1842./SORIRoad/Comm./2016 ERRATAIAMMENDMENT/ADDENDUM NO.1 for SCHEDULE OF RATES FOR ROAD & BRIDGE WORKS (w.e.f. 06/06/2016)
19/05/2016 sorRoad/comm/2014/PWD/1538 SOR/Road&Bridge Amendment No -3
11/04/2016 F-64-10/2016/SOR Bldg / W/PD /1254 Amendment no 17(Finishing Work) to SOR Building
18/03/2016 F-64-10/2016/SOR Bldg / W/PD / 2318/2391 Amendment no 16(Steel Work) to SOR Building
09/02/2016 F-64-01/2016/SOR Bldg/W/PD Amendment no 15(RCC Work) to SOR Building
18/01/2016 SOR for Roads & Bridges Works(w.e.f. 03/11/2014) Errata/Ammendment/Addendum-2)
02/12/2015 F-64-10/2015/SOR Bldg/W/PD/5133 Amendment no 13(Excavation for Foundation) to SOR Building
07/11/2015 F-64-10/2015/SOR Bldg/W/PD/4838 Amendment no 12(Rainforced & Cement Concrete) to SOR Building
15/10/2015 35/56/93/Sec/31 Unified Schedule of Rats(WRD)
01/09/2015 F-1-12/2014Electrical SOR/Works/PD Schedule of Rates for Electrical works(w.e.f.1-08-2014)Amendment-1
19/08/2015 F-64-5/2015/SOR Bldg/W/PD/2621 Amendment no 11(Roofing & Celling) to SOR Building
17/08/2015 2015 F-64-5/2015/SOR Bldg/W/PD/2605 Amendment no 10(Flooring) to SOR Building
15/07/2015 F-1-12/2014Electrical SOR/Work/pd/2363 Schedule of Rates for Electrical works(w.e.f.1-08-2014) ADDENDUM No.1
22/05/2015 2015 F-64-3/2015/SOR Bldg/W/PD/1259 Amendment no 9(Tubewell Rain Water Harvesting) to SOR Building
06/05/2015 2015 F-19-29/2015/SOR Bldg/W/PD Amendment no 8(Miscellaneous) to SOR Building
28/04/2015 2015 F-19-6/2015/SOR Bldg/W/PD/1014 Amendment no 7(Wood Work & PVC Work) to SOR Building
28/04/2015 F-19-6/2015/SOR Bldg/W/PD/1013 Amendment no 6(Sanotory Instalation) to SOR Building
18/04/2015 2015 7F-1/SOR Bldg/2015/337 Amendment no 3(Brick Work) to SOR Building
25/03/2015 Amendment no 5(Finishing Work) to SOR Building Amendment no 5(Finishing Work) to SOR Building
05/03/2015 F-1/SOR Bldg/2014/470 Amendment no 4(Miscellaneous) to SOR Building
20/02/2015 ---/SOR/Roads & Bridge/2015/445 Ammendment-1 to SOR Roads & Bridges
05/01/2015 F-1/SOR Bldg/2014/03 Amendment no 2(Miscellaneous) to SOR Building
09/12/2014 Ammendment-1(E&M) SOR Amendment for List of Approved Electrical Material / Accessories to be used
05/09/2014 F-1/SOR Bldg/2014/1915(A) Amendment to SOR Building
26/08/2014 F-1-3/14/E&M SOR/1872 New Rate List for E&M SOR
02/08/2014 F-1-1/2014/Bldg SOR/1701 New Rate List for Building SOR