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Consultants PWD


Letter No. Company Category
1209/G/2015-16 Shri Ajaad Jain & Associates Suspention
219/2016/358 M/s Highway Engineering Consultant., Disposal
185/2016/350 M/s Kalika Furniture Disposal
203/2016/253 M/s Sunfield(india) Disposal
219/2016/323 M/s Sheparse Constraction LTD. Disposal
2/2016/358 M/s Highway Engineering Consultant Disposal
1643/G/Registration Black List/2016-17 Madhuraj Purohit Suspention
F-7-14/ 2016 /Shivpuri / Reinstate Reg/G/PD/668 Consultant Engineering Consultancy Services Order Reinstatetion
13-9/CA/EDC/Black Listing/2016 M/s Alok Tomar Architect Suspention
2500/G/Reg Black List/2016-17 M/s Bhati Associates P.Ltd Suspention
f-13-17/ca/edc/KASU/2016 M/s Vastuvista Architect
G/Con-421/J/2013 M/s Bagbani Nath Const. Company Suspended
F13-2/CA/EDC/Black List/ATL & CPL/17 M/s Apron Test Lab & Consultants P.Ltd. Rein-station
F-13/CA/EDC/Blacklisting/2016/2322 A.K. Pathak & Associates Black List
F 7-11/2016/Vidisha/reinstate/G/PD/429 M/s Vastuvista Spandan Reinstate