Office Order

DateOrder NoSubjects
22-10-201945/Video Conferencing/Comm/2019/3054 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Review of Road Repair through Video Conferencing
17-10-2019309(301)/037/2010/PC/2017-18/2401 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Reg. Departmental Committee
16-10-2019301/026/2013/2397 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Posting of Steno
10-10-2019402/NDB Road-II/Aicons/2019/894 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Debarment of M/s Aicons Engineering Pvt. Ltd
04-10-2019309(301)/0037/2010/PC 6/2330 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Change in Pay scale of Sub Engg E&M
23-09-2019301/618/2010/2241 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Rein station of Sub Engineer/Completion of Probationary Period of Sub Engineers
03-09-2019309(301)/037/2010/PC 6/21232130 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Reg. Time Pay scale of Sub Engg.
02-08-2019301/628/2011/1944 (Size: 3.5 MB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)Suspention Order of AE
02-08-2019303/049/2014/Prt-Case/1958 (Size: 1022.91 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)Completion of Probationary period of Stenographers
27-07-2019E/E&M/2019-20/1186 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Modification on Gr-3 Orders
18-07-2019302/002/2019 (Size: 8.41 MB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)वरिष्ठ लिपिकीय परीक्षा 2019
22-06-2019301/183/2006/PC21592 (Size: 294.93 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)आदेश
22-06-2019क्रंमाक/301/ 161/व्‍य.न./2009/1596 (Size: 331.82 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)आदेश
22-06-2019क्रमांक 1-18/2019/Est.-19 (Size: 534.22 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)आदेश
31-05-20191196/1283/2019/19/योफलाइ ऐश नोटिफिकेशन (Size: 455.06 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)
23-05-2019301/001/20121418 (Size: 143.25 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)immovable property returns of PIU
21-05-2019301/037/2010/PC/1410 (Size: 196.35 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)Sub Engineer's Time Pay Scale Orders
21-05-2019301/168/2009/1415 (Size: 50.3 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)SE posting Orders
20-05-2019303/049/2014/Prt-2/1373/1379/1375/1369/1371/1381/1377 (Size: 435.85 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)Probation Period Completion
16-05-2019307/083/2016/1358/1357 (Size: 100.1 KB, Format: .pdf, Language: English)Issue of Pran Number to Employees under N.P.S.