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Approved tender ListARCHIVED

S.No Tender Related Notices Date Of Submission P.A.C. (in Lac) Zone
1 Tender no. 193021 Tender for construction of elevated road flyover on Swarna Rekha drain from IITM College to Maharani Laxmibai statue in Gwalior city under Central Road Fund Scheme EPC. Mode 01-06-2022 36542.18 Bridge Zon
2 Tender no. 196166 GRMC Gwalior's T.B. 200 KBKVA in C-Lab Diesel Generator Installation Work. 01-06-2022 21.95 North Zone
3 Tender no.197403 Dismantling, flooring, fall, ceiling, stair case, plumbing, AC, furniture aluminum, work toilet and civil and electrification works in the second, fourth, fifth and sixth floors of the Directorate of Health Services. 01-06-2022 859.40 Capital Z
4 Tender no.198084 Kerwa Dam to Kerwa Canal Canal Road Kerwa to Hinautia, Bhaironpur, Maksar route length 13.50 km 01-06-2022 1936.55 Capital Z
5 Tender no.178630 Structure Construction Work from court square to Nayapura Badnagar urban part of Nuriakhal CC Length 2.50 Km. 19-05-2022 769.86 Ujjain Zon
6 Tender No.177389 strengthening work of Savlikheda Garbedi Langoti Marg Length 15.40 Km. 19-05-2022 1433.72 West Zone
7 Tender no.166618 Construction of submersible bridge with access road on river Shed in Gadarwara Kheda-Shed- Pipariya road of Narsinghpur district. 19-05-2022 969.52 Bridge Zon
8 Tender No.166616 for construction of fly over bridge from Sadar to Gwarighat road at Gorakhpur-Katanga crossing under Jabalpur district. 20-05-2022 1760.27 Bridge Zon
9 Tender no. 185580 Khemasa to Talod road construction work length 5.74 km. 13-05-2022 506.09 Ujjain Zon
10 Tender no. 168407 Strengthening work of Shahganj to Baneta Sudania Road length 7.90 Km 25-03-2022 977.20 Capital Zo
11 Tender No. 628974Periodical Renewal work in Km 62 to 71 & 85 Length 11.00 Km using bitumen VG-30 Km 59 to 61=3.00Km using waste plastic material with bitumen VG-30in accordance with I.R.C:SP:98:2013 of NH-12A Extn. [Tikamgarh-Prithvipur-Orchha Road]on SBD Mode in the state of Madhya Pradesh. 20-02-2022 504.00 NH Zone