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DateOrder NoSubjects
18/09/2018301/036/2018/1728 A.E.Transfer modification & cancilation order
18/09/2018304/050/2018/1726,date 18/09/2018 Sub Engineers transfer orders
22/09/2018301/036/2018/1756 date 23-09-2018 A.E.transfer cancilation order
24/09/2018304-035-2017-P.C.-2-1752,date20-9-2018 Sub Engineer transfer order
27/09/2018301-036-2018-1803,date 27-9-2018 A.E.Transfer orders
27/09/2018301/036/2018/1801,date 27-9-2018 A.E.Transfer order
28/09/2018310/013/einc/pwd/2018/1809,date 28/09/2018 Jabalpur alivated coridor(Fly over) order
08/10/2018304-050-mool-2018-1891,date 5-10-2018 Transfer order Sub Engineers and others
08/10/2018304-036-part-3-2017-1854,date 5-10-2018 Transfer order sub engineer and others
08/10/2018304/036/2018/1891,date 6/10/2018 Instruction for Transfer orders
08/10/2018301/036/2018/1883,date 5/10/2018 Transfer order A.E.

Office Order

DateOrder NoSubjects
19-02-2016301/026/2013/329Vidhansabha Order
19-02-20166 301/026/2013/329Vidhansabha Order
16-02-2016301/026/2013/300 (Size: 61.02 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)Temp arrengment of CE(P)
16-02-2016301/585/2010/298 (Size: 64.39 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)Transfer Orders of AE
08-02-2016303/034/2008/Prt2/ (Size: 131.42 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)Witing list of Sub Eng. (E/M) for document verificationnew
19-01-2016303/049/2014/203 (Size: 254.79 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)Probationary period of Steno Typists
19-01-2016304/781/2013/123 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Transfer Orders of Sub Engg.
19-01-2016301/004/2014/PC/121 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Transfer Orders of AE
19-01-2016304/069/2015/133 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Transfer Orders of Gr-3
15-01-2016303/034/2008/Prt-2/94 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Final Intimation for Sub Eng (E/M) Shri Danish Ahmad Khan
15-01-2016301/004/2014/PC/113 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Transfer orders of Sub Engineer
14-01-2016304/494/2013/90 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Transfer Orders of Sub Engg (PIU)
14-01-2016F-1-53/2015/Posting/E/PD (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Call application for AE for PIU
14-01-2016303/084/2008/Prt-2/12 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Appointment of Sub Eng. (E/M)
14-01-2016303/034/2008/Prt-2.1/60 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Appointment of Sub Eng. (E/M)
14-01-2016303/304/2008/Prt-2.1/96 (Size: 0 B, Format: , Language: )Final Intimation for Sub Eng (E/M)